Things that are ruining travel

Step away from the baggage carousel. That’s all we ask. Just take one small step back, clear the space in front of the belt, and only move forward when you spot your bag. That’s all that has to happen. No pushing. No shoving. Everybody wins. 

And yet, that never happens. You might try to avoid allowing this sadly predictable push-and-shove to become an annoyance, but every single time the crowds rush in to stand right next to the carousel, you surely want to yell at everyone. Right?

Well, some people do, and this is just the beginning: there are plenty of other elements of the travel experience that are worth whinging about, and it’s time to reveal them.

On this episode of Flight of Fancy: the podcast, I along with Ute Junker and Keith Austin are letting it all hang out, and venting our spleens on the things that are ruining the travel experience. 

We’re tired of people crowding the baggage carousel. We’re sick of tourists begging for other travellers’ spare change. We want to see a ban on selfie sticks. We want drones banished from the skies. Is that so much to ask? We shall see.

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