The best way to make a contribution to help disadvantaged kids in Third World?

…according to Leigh Matthews, co-founder Rethink Orphanages: “While it’s natural to want to help improve the lives of children in developing countries, the best way to do this requires careful thought. For most of us, donating money is the best way to support vulnerable children overseas. Do your research, and find a reputable organisation that supports children to live, grow and thrive in families, like Forget Me Not (Nepal), or the Cambodian Children’s Trust. While volunteering can be tempting, it’s not always the best thing for children. Volunteering at orphanages, for example, can actually do more harm than good. Around 80 per cent of children in orphanages worldwide have family, but are often institutionalised to attract money from well-meaning tourists. Visiting, volunteering at and donating to orphanages is never advised. If you do still want to volunteer, first ask yourself, ‘am I qualified to undertake this role in Australia?’. If the answer is no, then consider making a donation instead to ensure your impact will be a positive one.”

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