2017 – The Video Highlights

I’ve actually lived in Australia for 11 years now, as at 14 November 2018, just one week ago as I write this. Each year though, I come up with a short video, around five minutes, of each of the ‘full years’, as in calendar years, I’ve lived in Australia.

So my first full year was 2008. This one, my tenth full year, was last year, 2017.

Back in January 2012, I wrote a post called Australian Holidays and Popular Destinations in which I said that…

“...many Australians holiday in a way that we would find quite unusual. They will drive an hour or two north or, maybe, an hour or two in some other direction. Then they have arrived. That’s it! They’re on holiday!

This video about what we got up to in 2017 shows just how we have now embraced the Aussie way of holidaying; we drove an hour or two north or, maybe, an hour or two in some other direction. Then we have arrived. That’s it! We were on holiday!

Do be sure to watch this in full-screen and HD if you want a chance to spot the two stingrays.

Our Tenth Full Year Living in Australia: 2017

Watch all 10 videos

If you would like to watch all the 10 videos in this series, you will find links to each of them from my homepage, which will take you to each individual post, like this one, with a little write-up for each video.

If you don’t want to bother with any of that reading stuff, and you just want one page with all 10 videos waiting for you to click play, visit my new page, The Yearly Videos.

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